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Beautiful Work
— Missy Crain Dance Studios

Little Sessions


Do what you love


Little Sessions are a passion of mine. Being able to look back and see your kids, family, or whoever you love in a photo is why I love photography.  I capture the moments that are the true expressions and not canned or the "norm" family style photo shoot. I will of course provide you with a family photo that you can have but I want to capture the moments that are unexpected..spontaneous..the side that rarely shows in a photoshoot.  Do what you love everyday.

We have been very pleased with the work Littlesots has done for us and we love working with another local business here in Arlington
— Chad Scott General Manager of SY

Product Photography

One part about owning a business is there just isn't enough time during the day. I love product photography because it is representing what you are selling and your brand is so important. The last thing that you want to be thinking about is how your product will look like on your website and social media. Customers don't want to see canned stock's just white noise they just scroll right by it. I take a one on one approach and understand your product and look at customer behavior combined with the right photos to help sell your product. 


Little Weddings



Just the energy that Paul carries alone is so uplifting you can’t help but feel happy and excited around him. I love how engaged he was with all my guests, how focused yet present he was. Nothing more beautiful than seeing people light up doing what they love. I think that’s when an artists work speaks most, when it’s done out of enjoyment and pure passion. I really can’t thank Paul enough for capturing the most magical day in such a beautiful way!
— Jennifer Max

Senior Pictures 



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Aerial Photography





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