Our Vision

Bring up your Community.


Welcome to our Little Studio. We wanted to take a moment to to thank the town of Arlington, TN. We have fallen in love with this community and the its amazing people. We looked for over 10 years for the right location for the Studio and it was so worth the wait. The Studio has become our second home and we have so much coming in the next couple of years but we wanted to talk about the Community and our Goals. The Community of Arlington is  the heart of why we LOVE the Studio. Our goal is to bring up our Community at all cost. We spend 90% of our time with things that don't scale or make money because we think that is at the core of what we do everyday. Bring up your community means paying attention to the details and the experience for the customer inside and 

outside the Studio. We are getting involved with the Arlington Community as much as possible to bring others up around us. This is at the heart of the Studio and we invite you to do the same in your Community. We hope to see you soon!

Paul and Ashley Burns

Owners of Littlesots